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Lovely Lashes is dedicated to helping women have amazing looking eyelashes. Our lash artists make it possible for any woman to experience the beauty and convenience of eyelash extensions at an affordable price. Lovely Lashes is a creation of Alex Costello & Joseph Lucero and is located right next to Joseph's Barber Shop on the corner of 2700 South and 500 East. Lovely Lashes is a family operated business so we can guarantee satisfaction and back-up that promise. With a system that makes a very luxurious service affordable to everyone, each lash is applied individually ensuring that our patented eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. We truly care about the health of your eyelashes and spend the time necessary to make sure they are applied correctly!

Whats the Buzz About?

We've been getting a lot of buzz about "Volume Lashes" lately. What is it? Why do I want it? Do they last longer?

So Volume Lashes is a term used to describe an advanced lashing tecnique that offers something classic lashes can't. With Volume we can create a extremely full and dramatic look on lashes that are very sparse naturally, with classic we are limited to one extension to one natural lash. This being said, "dramatic" isn't the only option with this technique. We can also create a very soft, sweet, and natural look as well. 

The light weight of these lashes make it possible to move your 2 week fills to 3-4 week fills. Which means spending even less valuable time maintaing your beauty regimen. And look good the whole time in-between appointments. 

Get yours here, and don't forget about our referral program, "get $10 off your next service, for every friend that comes in!" spread the word!


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